Black Hairstyles Trends 2019 / 2020

Hi everyone, I am still thinking of what to do with my hair and as a hairstyler, I somehow always look at other people’s hair, so that’s two very good reasons to do some research on black hairstyles trends 2018 / 2019 and make this post. Therefore, lately on the streets I’ve been seeing a lot of very personal you need and powerful styles, so I’d like to introduce them to you if you also want to do something to your own hair, then you can take this post and use it as a source of inspiration.

I be covering hair cuts, hair colors and hairstyling, so you’re sure to find something that suits your personal taste and that you might actually want to try on your own hair. As usual, if you find this article useful and or inspiring, let me know with a thumbs up and comment below, if you want more article about latest black hair trends 2018 / 2019, I’m happy to do that for you.

Black Hairstyles 2018 / 2019 Long

Now, let’s just start with haircuts so in terms of their cuts the one first thing to remember is that short and mid long styles are getting more and more into the spotlight. If you’re going for a short haircut, it should be asymmetric boyish like long at the front shorter at the back. That’s the look there are many options but they usually all include a side parting rather than having the partying on the center of your head, so to say this type of hair due to very modern edgy powerful look, it’s super easy to care. For it requires very little maintenance on a daily basis if you like your hair longer than your chin.

Black Short Hairstyles Bob

And if you know Rihanna, then you know what bob is and that might be the right style for you. It’s everywhere in hollywood and on red carpet, but somehow not so much on the street. Yet there are many ladies you can look out for inspiration purposes like Kim Kardashian, Sanaa Lathan and so on.

Images of Long Black Hairstyles 2018 / 2019

The way to where above like that is a little messy little way be a bit like beach look the waves are super easy to create with a curling iron on if you don’t have an eye on then you do two braids on the side of your hair you go to back with them and when you wake up you have your waves then just add a little bit of dry shampoo at the top to give volume here on the top of the head.

Black Hair Pictures for 2018 / 2019

So many trending haircut which is a little bit popular is black short hairstyles for thick hair, not just for men now also for women. It’s used to be hair cuts for results like punks hairstyle in the teenage. You can hide the undercut with longer hair on top of it for a more sensual silhouette like this lady, or you sure the africa by taking your hair such as a ponytail or a high bun. The black-haired girl looks like the girl with the dragon tattoo — don’t you think so just. So, examples of varying lengths but the idea of it is that a part of your hair at the bottom is actually shaven, just shaved and shaped natural.

Black Hairstyles 2018 / 2019 Short

Let’s move on to hair color for black hair, it’s the most innovative area at the moment when it comes to hair products are getting better and better. And a couple of years ago colors would fade out or mix or turn or range or like look really ugly after you’ve washed your hair a couple of times. Now, colors and pigments are getting so good, bright colors actually stay bright so it gives us a lot of freedom and many more options to dye our hair the most innovative direction.

Black Hair Photos of Updos for 2018 / 2019

Now we’re going to start with the natural colors and then move on to fantasy colors, I give you options for everything, the first one is hombre. Transitions softly to another color and you go down for example from clear to darker, also be the other way around, all from natural color to a slightly less. Natural color ombre has been all famous heads are ready and it’s now very well established on the streets. What’s much more recent is the ground color which is a contraction of brown and blonde bronze, it’s very against. I think it’s a bit more classy and high-end than regular blonde shades, dealt with tastes are going to be wearing browned in the coming year.

Black Hairstyles 2018 / 2019 with Bangs

Now we’re moving on to more and more creative colors, you’ll see so many shades of blue. Blue is one of my personal favorites but I wouldn’t recommend a light blue because this really looks like a pokemon, but rather darker shades like this one or this one. I think that’s very very classy and original and it’s their unique is something that you can do at any age, that’s great or silver hair and you’re not talking about grandparents here. That I’m talking about actually dying your hair in something that looks like silver and reflects the light amazingly well, and here, I’m getting back to my point from earlier this type of color crappy a few years ago, it only works nicely thanks to new technology. so now is the chance we’re getting into even more fantasy colors.

Black Hairstyles 2018 / 2019 for Big Eyes

The mermaid colors here it’s about using several colors, but you stay within the color range for color harmony. It’s very girly its soft, it gives you a lot of creative freedom as it shouldn’t be homogeneous. You’re free to add, basically touches of colors in different places every week according to the weather or to your mood for example, and I really like the idea of the flexibility and the creative freedom variation. Using brighter colors that don’t belong on the color wheel, you have two ways of mixing the colors, you mix from the top to the bottom going down the length of your hair, or you do that in a layer way the top layers and the bottom layers closer to your skin, so will look different.

Black Hairstyles 2018 / 2019 for Prom

For color trends, let’s tackle styling. Styling is the way to change, the way you look without having to go to a hairdresser. I love african american long curly hairstyles are slight girls made with a regular around the face and on the bottom half of your hair length. that’s the typical red carpet look that’s perfect for parties then we have braids some of them are called french braid bun african american. I’m not actually sure whether they’re really French. Here, I’m showing you different size the braids, can be on the sides they, can be very close to the head. I think that one is called the french braid styles for black hair.

Black Short Hairstyles Back View

We’re coming to the most trending black hair style 2018 / 2019 and that’s the bun. When my desire is started supporting those on stage, everybody went like oh don’t be ridiculous and now I’m seeing them everywhere on the street. Other ways from a messy bun – – one’s really high on the head, you’re really free to the trend.

Black Short Hairstyles with Bangs

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